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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 2PM - 9PM | Friday: 2PM - 6PM | Saturday: 9AM - 2PM

What is Glissando?!

It’s so easy! Just come to Glissando Music Studio and you will explore much more than you imagined.

Here, you will learn to slide your fingers through the piano keys and glide from one sound to another with your voice. Everything will be done with love and excitement in a cozy warm environment.
Your teacher offers piano lessons, voice lessons and something unique in the US: Romanian folk music lessons taught by a professional folk singer.
This studio has a different vibe because of this mixed nationality. Therefore, all teaching activity is the result of blending the best of both European and American methods. If you desire just one teaching method, your teacher will be happy to adapt.
Glissando Music Studio has an option also for those of you who want to master piano accompaniment for more advanced classical music chamber songs. There are also options for pop singers who want to accompany themselves with the piano.
Let me tell you another reason why you shouldn’t miss the chance to start learning at Glissando Music Studio.
Let’s pretend you have this dream of becoming a great song-writer and you don’t know how to set a good melody in accordance to your beautiful lyrics. Finding the right rhythm and writing down on a music sheet can be challenging  for a beginner musician. That being said, your struggle has ended because your teacher can help you with this too.
Happy vibes for happy musicians is what you will feel once you start pursuing your dream.