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Romanian Folk Music

Romanian Folk Music

This is the oldest music genre in Romania and it is considered a signature for Romanian people. The word “folklore” is a very popular word and it is related to the folk music. Romanian folklore can refer to music, dances, holiday traditions, traditional foods and impressive folk costumes.

Learning Romanian folk music will be a wonderful experience for those who want to learn about a new culture or to stay in touch with their origins.

Glissando music Studio offers voice lessons for this style of music and once understanding the Romanian culture you will notice that this is a music that has gracefulness and elegance. It may come from the country side, that’s why it is so authentic but the beauty of the melodies and their wise words will create a beautiful traditional song.

The techniques for singing this style will differ from other genres because it implies a strong vibrato, vocal glissando, melismatic singing, natural vocal trills and music expression, besides some knowledge about Romanian music style.

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