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It is believed that the oldest song to be written was a Sumerian Hymn created thousands of years ago before 800 B.C and the first piano created was in 1700 by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

All these beautiful instruments that we benefit from these days were invented long ago and they made our ancestors life greater. What a beautiful innovation and how grateful each talented person should be for such a marvelous gift.

When a child has a talent for music in general, starting with the piano will empower his musical knowledge since this instrument is considered to be The King of all instruments. It won’t be easy but once this great instrument is mastered, all efforts will be rewarded and the students will enjoy so much to play.

Music has therapy benefits as well as gaining more discipline and better time management skills.

Once taking piano classes the brain will be stimulated to focus on the things not developed too much during the years which might be creativity, distributed attention, organization or coordination. Besides all of the above the feeling of happiness will be part of this musical journey and even more happiness when reaching to the point where the music lover hears a song and quickly reproduce it being able to play it with rhythm and soul.

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