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If you decided that piano is your favorite instrument, then you will have a lot of fun learning how to play. All those notes on the staff or those beautiful songs you have heard will not be a dream anymore. You can do it!

All piano lessons are based on a mix of two teaching methods: the European and the American method, from classical pieces to pop songs, finger exercises, major/minor scales, music theory and ear training.

If you prefer “Do Re Mi” musical notation instead of letter notation “C D E” your teacher would be happy to teach you in this way as well.

Glissando Music Studio offers music lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students of all ages. The studio warmly recommends the lessons length based on the students’ level and age.  Therefore, students will have options for:

      • 30 minutes lesson -> recommended for younger beginner students (8 years old and younger).
      • 60 minutes lesson -> recommended for intermediate and advanced level for all ages.

Every level has its own beauty and reward. Based on each students’ preferences and level, your teacher will gradually increase musical expectations and challenges in order for you to get to a fine wonderful performance.

If you don’t desire a strict teaching method and becoming the next Mozart is not your goal, your teacher will adopt a more relaxed and fun teaching method which would also be a great way to learn to play the piano.

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