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Did you know that human voice is also considered to be an instrument?

As Richard Strauss said: “the human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play”

These are some great words coming from a great composer. It could sound odd that the human voice is considered to be an instrument but it is part of our human body.

Each person has their precious vocal folds that once activated they will vibrate and make a sound. Honestly, almost every creature can sing, right?! In its own way, of course.

One of the benefits for developing vocal technique would be to sing like one of your favorite artist. After mastering all chest, belting and head register you will be able to create your own style and get to the next level which will be expanding vocal range.

Another wonderful benefit would be the power to express your feelings through the songs you are singing. Music expression is possible to be interpreted nowadays when playing an instrument because of the human voice.

Before musical instruments were invented there was only one precious melodic instrument that laid inside every human being musically inclined and that was the human voice. Once consciously discovered, it became an important part of our ancestors life and they started to develop different vocal techniques, voice types and styles.

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